Monday, December 8, 2008

Learning different techniques

Well, I was stuck on learning rock bass....for whatever reason. I have since learned from my Internet friends who play bass that it is good to try all types of music and to learn different styles. Which I have been doing and I am glad I have! I am finding I love playing blues bass, some Christian rock, slower stuff, on and on. It has helped me too with the use of my hands in a odd way because since I was starting out learning hard rock, I was forced to learn to play fast, repetitious, all over the place stuff. Not really a good place to start the bass, especially with Lupus! I have been having some lupus flares (meaning, I've been ill lately and unable to play my bass) but I think by this week I'll be able to pick it back up. I have a lot of songs I look forward to learning now. Also, I am going to start coming up with some original music myself! Recording it on my computer music software. Slower, more melodic stuff. It just never ends, the beauty of loving and playing music is that it never gets old, no matter how old YOU get :) !!! It is the only "hobby" "endeavor" "interest" I have that I don't give a darn what ANYONE says to me about it, as is...."you spend all your time on that silly bass! Why?! Its not like you are going to perform or anything." etc. I don't care! When I am down, I play my bass, when I am laying on the couch unable to move, I try to motivate my muscles and body to get off that couch and go play just one song on the bass, when I am having a bad day, I turn on the music.....I lost someone recently, he died WAY too young and was a true inspiration to his family and friends. He had Cystic Fibrosis, he was a senior in high school and played basketball even, but most of all, he was an uplifting, funny, endearing young man with the BEST outlook on life. It has made me realize that living each day the best you can, and having a smile on your face whenever possible, helps other people around you have a better day. And maybe gives them hope. I don't know. But I just hope I can pass it on.....Thanks for all the nice comments to my site and I'll get some new vids up soon since I've been trying to learn new music. Happy Holidays and keep playin' that music!!!!! Susie

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Jason said...

I've been playing bass on and off for 23 years. I picked up a late 70's Fender Musicmaster 3/4 scale when I was 13 and played some hard rock covers in high school, then put it away until my 20's where I got myself in a few different gigging bands. Then I got married and had a kid and that Fender collected dust. About 2 months ago I decided I wanted to start playing seriously again and my wife thinks it's a midlife crisis.