Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Been Awhile...But here is a new blog!

Howdy! I wanted to mention that I've been hanging out at the site, and doing the lessons on there for bass. If you click on the Lessons icon, and choose what type of music you are interested in, they have thousands of lessons to play along with. Plus, beginner technical stuff that I have been doing mostly. I love it there, I've really learned a lot by playing along with the lessons. PLUS, it is proof that no matter what type of music you play, learning a technique that is comfortable for you is so important. Also, I've received so many great comments but sometimes I get comments on how I am holding the bass incorrectly, or my thumb placement is wrong, etc. BUT, I watch music videos a lot too and study the bassists all the time. Bottom line.....everyone has their own style and it is all over the place! So now I don't feel so bad about sliding, or my thumb sticking up, etc. I concentrate more on what the bass sounds like, the tone, am I playing the song correctly? After watching Stu Hamm playing Moonlight Sonata live, I discover yet another style, which by the way was so inspirational and awesome how he plays. Well, just wanted to let people know about that website and how helpful it is. I am one of those people who have to learn by doing, I don't comprehend what I read too well! I have to actually hear it, then do it. This site will help anyone with that! So long for now and keep playing that great music! Susie

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