Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Learning arpeggios, octaves, scales

In 2009 my goal is to work on learning arpeggios, working with octaves and scales a lot more. They are so important!!!! My favorite site for learning this stuff is . Just go to the LESSONS link, then to the BASICS. Sort this lists by "HITS" and you will find the most popular lessons for learning the basics. They have helped me so much. They explain the theory, you can click on the track to listen to it, it has the tabs right there. You can slow it down, speed it up. It is just everything I would ever ask for in learning!!! YEA!!! So, 2009 is hunker down and learn BASS THEORY instead of just playing around.
As far as Lupus goes....2009 will be continuing to learn more about the disease and to learn ways to eat right, take care of myself, have fewer "flares" which are the times when I am really ill and need to rest alost and visit the doctor more. I'll never be "cured" but I can keep working at feeling better. I research online a bunch, just like playing the bass. The Lupus Foundation is a great foundation for trying to find a cure and find ways to help the suffering that comes with Lupus. Here is wishing EVERYONE a Happy New Year!

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