Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello everyone! I took a long hiatus! I'm back now though. Lupus decided to get bad, I was pretty ill for a long time. I couldn't even think about picking up a bass much less playing it. I was in bed a lot, in hospital, etc. But not going to bore you with the specifics. The thing is, I'm better now and picked up my lonely bass guitar and plugged it in. Wow, that first note rang out, low end, reverberated through the room. I was SO excited!!! While ill I had to stop playing in the band, playing at church. No jamming. But this is good. Why? Because while in bed I discovered all different genres of music I really liked. It opened up a whole new world of bass lines to learn! Which has only made my bass playing better. I knew that the hard rock bass playing of steady galloping was pretty much boring and hard on the fingers. The church music was beautiful but on the other end of the scale, slow, one note at a time. But it helped me learn to read music and play with a group of musicians who rely on me and the drums to keep the timing. This was good. The rock band I wasn't even heard I think. I could have played mary had a little lamb during the song & the guys wouldn't have known. Everything was so loud & wild lol. I learned to love blues, country, alternative, country rock, pop, etc. Unfortunately YouTube copyright rules make it impossible to cover songs and post though. Hey, I can post on my website!! During the time I was ill a friend asked to borrow my beloved Tiger eye Peavey bass. I said of course! The poor thing was just sitting there. So he played some heavy metal riffs on it with the band he's in at shows. That Peavey held up wonderfully. A GREAT bass. I've tried some other basses but love mine the best. No active pickups but I don't care. Well, since I hadn't played bass in over a year, I wondered if I could remember anything. Any of the songs I'd learned, etc. But it was like riding a bike cycle. I fell right back into the groove. Ahhhhh yes, the GROOVE, something that was missing before in my playing. I was so busy trying to play everything correctly I wasn't feeling the music. I since have learned to find that groove & play it. It makes bass playing so much better. So, since I don't have much more to add because I'm just getting back up and playing. I'll add a couple of recent covers I've learned to my Listen page. I SO appreciate all of you who have sent me greetings and positive notes! I am thinking of you all and hoping your journeys are going well too. More later!!!!!!

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