Friday, September 17, 2010

WOW! It's been awhile!

It has been well over a year that I've blogged....that's LUPUS for ya! Much has changed in my bass playing journey! The band broke up, duh! However....I decided I really like the music at this church I was going to & I took a bold step, I emailed the worship pastor & asked if I could audition. To make a long story short, I've been playing bass in a large church, in front of lots of people who stare at me because they just can't get over a 5'2" female is up there playing electric bass guitar! Plus, it has taught me SO much about playing in front of an audience that isn't hidden in the dark, that are drunk, and number like maybe 20 at the most....(the bar settings that bands get to play at). I enjoy it, and I rotate in as there are other bass players, so is I am ill with Lupus, I can take a week or however many off. I've had to learn to actually read music, rehearse, ya know, NOT WING IT like I've done! They have a sound guy that runs everything, monitors I can hear myself & the other musicians, great equipment too. I'm blessed to be able to play the bass in an environment that is really teaching me to step up my game, learn different musical styles & we rehearse a lot so we end up jamming at rehearsals which is fun. There was a time in the last year that I didn't even pick up my bass. I wasn't inspired, figured I'd gone about as far as I could with what I knew, had no outlet to play, and was frankly bored learning songs in my living room for kicks. But that was because I was ill & everything looked bleak. Then I heard an old song with a killer bass line, decided to plug my bass in & learn it, realized that playing my bass did lift my spirits, and dusted it off to start playing it again. So that is where I'm at, at the moment. Still learning new styles, getting a little bit better at using my fingers on the frets, but bottom line, enjoying playing music!!!! It is more fun when you get to jam with others though, and they are humble & helpful & don't yell when I screw up :) OH, love the cropped pants I'm wearing in the photo, geesh, I really need a stylist!!!!

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