Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When to quit saying..."I'm learning to play the bass"

Well, sooner or later I need to quit saying that I am learning to play the bass, and change that to, I play the bass. After all now, it has been almost 2 years...almost. At some point I have to quit hiding behind the "oh, I'm just learning to play the bass...." so somehow it makes my mistakes not so bad!
So, I guess that I DO play the bass, and most things, I should know better, and should have learned by now!
Now I turn my energy to enjoying playing the bass, playing in the band, and picking up new styles, etc. However, you never really quit learning certain things in life, there is always something to learn from someone.
Today I learned just how precious life is when you are on the side of good or decent health. I learned that a school friend of mine is fighting, for the second time, cancer. And this time it is going to be a huge fight as it has come back with a vengence. In school, I always admired her because she was so beautiful, sweet, nice, everyone loved her, she was just cool....and still is. Her integrity during this time and grace is unbelievable. So, I am not complaining about the little crap in the day that happens, or losing any sleep over something someone said to me. I can't imagine how hard she is having to fight and the fear she must have but doesn't show so that her loved ones and friends won't worry about her....Playing the bass is a blessing and a gift to me, I'll never take it so seriously that it engulfs my life and takes my real concentration off of living life and loving the people around me. Playing that bass just adds to the fun.

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Anonymous said...

Stumbled on to your videos on youtube (Todd Rundgren led to Tal Wilkenfeld --who I'd never heard of-- which led to you. Somehow.) I was going to post something which said "Uh, you are not a beginner anymore..." but it is apparent you've figured that out. "Learning to play" is a lifetime endeavor though, ain't it? Still, it's clear to me that you are a natural. What else do I have to say? "James Jamerson"! That's what.
Joy to you, madam.