Sunday, August 10, 2008

YouTube Videos

In formatting my new blog, I am trying to add some of my YouTube videos to my blog. But I can't figure it out. So, if you'd like to see some videos of me from day one, learning to play the bass and throughout the year learning new songs. Visit my YouTube page. Ya know, YouTube is great, but I don't like all the "haters" that make ugly, rude and mean comments. Why? I guess because they can! So what if they are correct, like "you suck at bass" why take the time to remind me? Also, the comments like "you are one ugly chick"..... I have the option to approve the comment to show up on my YouTube video, or I can remove and block them. I usually go ahead and post them for all to see. They don't take the time to read the Channel info about me to realize I am not posting to show the world I think I am one hot bass playin' fool! I know I am not. I post videos for all the people like me, who feel they don't have anything they can do because they are in pain, or are limited, or have other people telling them they can't do it. So I suck at it at times! Big deal! I hang in there for the comments from people saying they are inspired by my quest to not allow an illness stop me, or that I am improving. I also get quite a bit of great advice, which by the way has really helped me learn playing techniques. I appreciate those people who care enough to send me those comments. So, with all that said, check out my videos. There aren't any recent videos because I've been sort of busy, and ill. But I am getting ready to make some as soon as I am able.....

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