Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today is my Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I am celebrating it alone, but that is OK. My progress on the bass has slowed a bit because being in a band, you play so much with them, or at least I did, that I didn't feel like picking up my bass during the day to learn new things. That is really important, especially when you are self taught. To go online to lessons and learn the basics. The chords, scales, notes, and different types of playing styles.

Maybe that will be my quest for this coming year at my new age, to LEARN the theory of playing the bass. And do start writing solos, and such.

One important thing I DID learn recently is....YOU MUST REPLACE YOUR STRINGS. I went 2 years without replacing mine! I am embarassed to say so! But I was wondering why my bass wouldn't stay in tune, and my intonnation was so off. My bandmate asked me, when was the last time you changed your strings? Um, 2 years ago. So, I took it in and had a professional at the Guitar Center change them and set the intonnation, etc. It sounds GREAT. That is it for today... I hope today is a better day than tomorrow, but I still feel blessed that I have today so far. Susie

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